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Pen Type-C

Pen Type-C



Pen Type-C is a flat, durable bookmark pen.

Perfect for everyday carry in a pocket or tucked in a notebook.

Precision machined to house a high quality cartridge that never dries or leaks.

Bent spring steel protects the tip when not in use. Flip it around to snap into writing position.

The scrappy, unassuming, take me anywhere kid sibling of Pen Type-A and Pen Type-B is here, and comes with a detachable clip.

Thin enough to be a bookmark.

Pen Type-C is 3.5 mm thin. Save that page you are reading, or slip it into your sketchbook. It's also lightweight, so it won't weigh down your pocket.

An ink cartridge that never dries or leaks.

Pen Type-C is designed to fit the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto ink cartridge. It comes in 15 colors and multiple thicknesses. These cartridges are designed for clicky pens, engineered to be exposed to air and not dry or leak.
To replace, use a new cartridge to snap the old one out. Insert the new cartridge’s tip, and press it into place.

Precision machined with quality and longevity in mind.

As with other CW&T products. Pen Type-C is machined out of high quality materials with longevity in mind. It's made of grade 5 titanium with a glass bead blast finish.

No branding.

You know the drill. We don’t put our names on your stuff.

A detachable clip.

Pen Type-C comes with a durable, stainless steel clip. Keep it anchored to a book, pocket, shirt ... your socks?!

If you'd rather go clipless, you can remove the screws and the clip with a flathead screwdriver.

Available with a custom engraving.

Make yours a little extra with a laser etched mark. We do these in-house, so it will not delay your order.

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Zackery S.
United States United States
Type-C Pen

This pen has become one of my favorite daily use pens. I was surprised at how comfortable it was given the thinner and flatter profile compared to a traditional writing utensil, but once I started writing with it I found gripping the pen quite comfortable. The weight of the pen is light but quality is fantastic. Overall I’m a huge fan of this pen. Thanks!

Daniel R.
United States United States
Fun convenient pen!

Love this pen. Fits perfectly into my notebooks with the clip and always an eye catcher. Easy to write with and easy to swap to a different color. Another unique and quality pen from CW&T.

Marty M.
United States United States

Uber fast packing/response then next day out for shipment. Intentionally designed trim packaging for Pen Type-C on arrival. The personalized laser printing I requested on two Pen Type-Cs is perfect. I love the fact that Pent Type-C is a bit more "tiny" than I thought (even as I looked at many images before buying) and yet not so tiny as to "slip" out of my hand and/or be cramped/ineffective. I love that it's as flat as any pen could ever get for how I am using it - annotating books/journals/research. (I'm a Professor and bought one Pen Type-C for myself and the other as a gift for my current Graduate Assistant.) The only note I'd offer potential buyers should be obvious - and that would be that this pen is unlikely going to be the best pen for writing pages of handwritten notes - as it's tiny/flat/streamline perfection is not conducive to the "feel" of a "rounded" pen in the human palm/grip *IF* one were writing pages of handwritten text. Pen Type-B (or Pen Type-A) would better meet the need of a person looking for a pen to write pages of handwritten text. I have been "following" CW&T for years - and couldn't justify buying the previous pens (Pen Type-A or Pen Type-B) as I know/knew I'd likely lose those pens. My plan is that with Pen Type-C always safely squished between the pages of whatever book I'm reading "right now" - I will never lose my Pen Type-C. Though, if I do lose it, it might be returned as my full-name is etched on it and a student or colleague would most likely be the person to find it and return it. I can not imagine how any pen's design could be better for the person, like me, who needs a pen that will squish between the pages of a book for use as an annotation tool. *Superior design* for Pen Type-C as a book annotation tool! Pen Type-C, as a scribal tool, might "leave it's mark" in my library & research work - and thus in my life's work - more than anything I've ever owned.

Henry Z.
United States United States
Just My Type

Surprisingly ergonomic.

A CW&T Customer
Dani H.
United States United States
Love it.

Love the look of this pen (have already gotten compliments on it!). It writes easy, feels durable, and is easy to carry in my pocket notebook.