Pen Type-C

Pen Type-C


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"I carry this pen clipped to my wallet so I am never without one. It strikes a great balance between being thin and light enough that it doesn't add annoying bulk, but is still actually comfortable to write with since it's flat and wide enough that it doesn't feel tiny in the hand. Plus, it uses a much nicer refill than any of the other "space saving" pens I've used. It kind of reminds me of a flat carpenter's pencil in the hand. I gave one away to a doctor who expressed interest in it and immediately ordered a replacement!"

- Tim L. (USA)
"The design, the quality, and usability are incomparable. Now my ‘must’ have with me wherever I go. Clips to a notebook perfectly."

- John P. (USA)

Pen Type-C is a flat, durable bookmark pen.

Perfect for everyday carry in a pocket or tucked in a notebook.

Precision machined to house a high quality cartridge that never dries or leaks.

Bent spring steel protects the tip when not in use. Flip it around to snap into writing position.

The scrappy, unassuming, take me anywhere kid sibling of Pen Type-A and Pen Type-B is here, and comes with a detachable clip.

Thin enough to be a bookmark.

Pen Type-C is 3.5 mm thin. Save that page you are reading, or slip it into your sketchbook. It's also lightweight, so it won't weigh down your pocket.

An ink cartridge that never dries or leaks.

Pen Type-C is designed to fit the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto ink cartridge. It comes in 15 colors and multiple thicknesses. These cartridges are designed for clicky pens, engineered to be exposed to air and not dry or leak.
To replace, use a new cartridge to snap the old one out. Insert the new cartridge’s tip, and press it into place.

Precision machined with quality and longevity in mind.

As with other CW&T products. Pen Type-C is machined out of high quality materials with longevity in mind. It's made of grade 5 titanium with a glass bead blast finish.

No branding.

You know the drill. We don’t put our names on your stuff.

A detachable clip.

Pen Type-C comes with a durable, stainless steel clip. Keep it anchored to a book, pocket, shirt ... your socks?!

If you'd rather go clipless, you can remove the screws and the clip with a flathead screwdriver.

Available with a custom engraving.

Make yours a little extra with a laser etched mark. We do these in-house, so it will not delay your order.

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Michael G.
United States

My go to pen

It’s the best pen for pocket notebooks. I use it every day.

Ron W.
United States United States

Respect Design

Overall experience has been fantastic! I adore products that combine clever+functional+simple+beauty.

C. Paul
United States United States

Exceptional Design, functionality, and Build Quality

As a Chief Officer on a +1000 foot container ship, a reliable quick draw and smooth pen is a must have. The Pen Type-C utilizes the Hi Tec-C cartridge which is one of the best ink cartridges known to man. The HT-C utilizes an extra fine point yet has a writing feel of a smoother 0.7 and larger gel pen cartridge. The size and form factor isn't comparable to any other Hi Tec-C and G2 vessel I've ever seen or owned. The Pen Type-C is not retractable so the tolerance between the cartridge and the vessel is extremely small eliminating the dreaded tip Bob seen in other Hi Tec-C vessel pens. Pocket-ability is so futuristic that it feels as if I've traveled far into the future and been handed a pocket pen. As with everything in our reality, everything can be improved upon (accepted absolutes). I view the flipping tip guard as the Pen Type-Cs weak point and the main design piece needing future attention. Purchased two inititially, after receiving my order and being amazed I quickly purchased another two because a future without the Pen Type-C is not one I want to be in. Nice job you two!!!!

chris d.
United States United States

Great pen.

Oddly amazing to write with daily.

michael g.
United States United States

Exactly what I expected (amazing)

I'm a college student who, to be honest, had no business buying such an expensive pen, but I finally convinced myself to. I love the pen, it's a learning curve to write with, but only for a day or so before it feels amazing. it actually works really well as a bookmark especially in spiral-bound notebooks or looseleaf packets. one thing I will say is to be careful because if you're a fidgety person like I am, you WILL FIDGET WITH IT ALL DAY. the part I love most about this pen is knowing that it's unique, and that I doubt I'll ever meet someone else that has one. I like using it knowing who designed and made it, and knowing that they put so much care into the design. I believe that alone justifies the price. one thing to keep in mind is that the colored one, that is the ones (im assuming) that are powder coated or dipped will chip over time especially if you fidget like I do. mine chipped slightly at the corners where the loop clicked in place. over time scratches will happen, you'll need to change the ink (look on here or on amazon for refills, they're super cheap). But I found that I liked it even more when it had scratches and blemishes. it'll still function exactly the same, but to you, it makes it more yours to have it worn a little. I really recommend this if writing with a fun and pretty pen is important to you. I anticipate using it for years and enjoying every second of it.