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Key Wrangler

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Key Wrangler is a key holder and organizer. It is designed with a built forever snappy spring clip and a post to keep your keys tidy and easy to access.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, we have Key Wranglers in stock and ready when you are to organize your keys!

Key Wrangler comes in a variety of material + color options. If you love the feel and finish of raw metal, Titanium is a way to go. The brass + copper versions are also beautiful metals that will gain a unique patina over time. The cerakote color finishes are for you if you want to add some funky color or black/white to your life. As a side, the cerakote finishes are durable, but over time will wear and reveal the titanium underneath. We think it looks cool + rugged. :)

The knurled key post is designed to hold keys of all shapes and sizes in a tidy row. Most other keychains rely on split-rings, those impossible to open nail-breaking rings which force your keys into an unruly spiky ball.

The knurled key post is also designed to open and close securely with your fingers. A small nylon pad on its threads provides some extra grip to keep the key post snug and in place on the go.

- Heirloom quality key holder + organizer.
- Carry up to 17 flat keys or several odd shaped keys (like your car keys)
- Machined out of Titanium, Copper or Brass (take your pick!)
- Keys are attached with a secure, but easy to open post.
- A spring gate lets you quickly clip and unclip your keys to stuff.
- Thoughtfully designed shape that lets the keys hang naturally.
- Made in the USA 

We made a bajillion prototypes before we landed on our final design. Every dimension on Key Wrangler has been carefully considered, down to the millimeter.

And YES! Key Wrangler opens bottles too...

*brass and copper versions are softer metals so they may deform if you use them as bottle openers.

The knurled key post has a flat screw head to tighten or loosen with a screw driver if ever you want to crank it super tight and open later.

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Dieter B.
United States United States
Great for holding weird keys :D

Any key, any shape fits. Super tough, yet fits just right in your hand, a belt loop, or on a water bottle. Get this!

Jeremy H.
United States United States
Object d’art, nearly perfect

It is a delight just to hold it: the solidity; the precision with which the main bolt screws snug. Much as it grieves me, I must note one functional limitation: The key wrangler hangs well from my belt loop, and unclicks perfectly. BUT… when one selects a single key to unlock a door, I find it awkward to hold the key and turn it, since the rest of the wrangler is, at that point, perpendicular, and there’s not as much of the head of the key to grip.

Tyler S.
United States United States
Sleek way to keep your keys handy

Before purchasing the Key Wrangler, I was using a carabiner for essentially the same thing. It was a bit unwieldy with varying lengths of keys on key rings and they all clumped together at the bottom. I didn’t mind it, and preferred it to a lanyard or a key ring full of keys in my pocket. This is a huge upgrade. Keys stay organized, and it functions as a bottle opener so I don’t need one of those alongside my keys. Overall I’m into it. If anything were to happen to this, I’d buy another one in a heartbeat. CW&T’s design is unparalleled.

Benjamin C.
United States United States
Rock Solid

This little guy is going to save your day. It keeps everything in place and the clip allows you to stow them where you need to.

Luke H.
United States United States
No More Split Ring Headaches

In the past 12 years, I've progressed from the "I'm in college and have a lanyard" phase to the "supporting local leather artisans" phase of keyrings but always was left wanting more. I kinda gave up on finding anything I liked for a while and bought a little carabiner thing from a liquor store near me that also carries some hardware supplies. Then I remembered seeing the Kickstarter announcement for the Key Wrangler back in 2017. I swung by this site and snagged one coated in black cerakote with matching black hardware and I'm stoked on it. I didn't quite understand just how strong the spring mechanism would be on this thing. I can finally stop worrying about my keys flying off (RIP 2019 keyring and keys) while shredding on fire roads in Marin. As always, stoked to have another rad item from the minds of cw&t. Your stuff is always way overbuilt and the hours put into development shows very clearly in the finished product.