Forever Jump Rope

Forever Jump Rope


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This jump rope was designed and built to be the last one you'll ever buy.

The design, materials, and engineering are carefully considered to ensure the next generation of humans can use, repair, and enjoy what we make today. This jump rope was made for us and future generations of jump rope lovers.

The handles are machined out of solid 6061 aluminum or 304 stainless steel and the leather cord is precision cut from the center of the hide for the best quality and consistency. The heavy duty PVC cord has a string at the core to prevent stretch. It's made specifically for jump ropes with the perfect balance of weight and rope diameter. The inside edges of the handles have a precise fillet to hold the rope at a tangent as it spins around you. 

The stainless steel handles have some serious heft, each handle weighing 500 grams (1.2lbs). The heavy handles with the 6mm rope make for a perfect heavy duty workout rope. The aluminum handles weigh 185 grams (0.4lbs) each.

Get your jump rope engraved.

Even though the ultra durable aluminum handles will outlast you, the cords may wear out with extended use. The PVC cord will last longer than leather.  Replacing your own cord is as easy as tying a couple knots.

The jump rope comes with a 3m (10ft) cord, so you can cut it to perfectly fit your height and jump roping style.  

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United States United States
If Superman needed a jump rope, he would buy it from CW&T!

I purchased the stainless handles and 6mm orange jump rope. The quality of this jump rope is without question. The radius of the handle where the rope extends on either side is perfectly rounded. The rope itself has little to no memory and has a great feel to it. It is wonderful to use something so apparently simple but well designed. Thank you CW&T. You guys never disappoint.

Israel D.
United States United States
Is there any way to purchase the pvc rope itself?

I really like the weight of the handles but would like to purchase a spare rope without having to purchase another set of handles. That may be my only issue besides that I really enjoy using this product everyday! -Israel


Hi! we sell replacement ropes here...

Marie E.
United States United States
Very pleased with the jump rope

As a novice jump-roper, I was a little nervous about buying a jump rope. So before I took the plunge, I looked at the jump rope specialty site, but in the end, I realized that these other places were creating products that would FORCE me to buy replacement products from them. CW&T creates products that I could use forever and then replace from alternate vendors. Since I want to use this rope when I travel, this philosophy was right for me. The QUALITY of the product is excellent. The aluminum handles are smooth and easy to hold. The jump rope (orange) is just heavy enough for me to hear the rope before I need to jump - the perfect quality for a beginner. I've jump roped every day since I got it - and I love it - I love the rope and I love to jump rope. I really don't think I could be happier with my purchase. (Thinking). Nope, I am extremely happy with this jump rope.

Corey S.
United States United States
A solid rope for a decent workout

The rope is everything I expected. Being 6' 3" tall the 10ft rope is the perfect size. The handles are a little thick for my taste but it makes the workout tougher.

United States United States
It will last very long for sure, but...

Functionally, it's almost perfect. However, I expected it comes with a raw Al finish with some machine marks just like pics above instead of a sandblasted finish. I didn't say sandblasted is not good. It's just not what I want. Little disappointed.