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Hanji book - CW&T Edition

Hanji book - CW&T Edition

$18.00 $180.00

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Paper to make your work look awesome + last a long time.

This is a special edition Hanji book made for CW&T by Korean Designers Hanaduri. Hanji is a traditional Korean paper made primarily from the inner bark of the mulberry tree and the sunset hibiscus. Its cross directional fibers and neutral PH give it lasting tensile strength and durability. This paper is soft, strong, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

A delightful writing surface.

Hanji provides a smooth, slightly textured organic writing surface, with visible silky strands flecked across the pages. Hanji supports a variety of media. Our favorite is ink. But it is amazing with pencil, crayon or paint. Fittingly, Hanji doesn’t take too well to industrial printing processes, but loves anything done by hand.

Binding that is both durable + ergonomic

Hanji book is bound in Korea by a small, husband + wife team bindery. It is stitched together with perfect, layflat binding and an open spine. Regardless of the page you are on, this book lays naturally flat. And the open-bound exposed, glued spine makes visible its quality traditional construction.

No branding

Similar to our other products, there is no visible branding on Hanji book aside from a subtle Hanaduri emboss of the back cover. The front cover features a hand screen-printed bright orange dot to designate orientation.

A blank slate

There is no printing, lines, dots, grids, page numbers, or markings to tell you where to write your info in case you lose your sketchbook. Hanji book - CW&T Edition is designed to support YOU and YOUR creative practice. All the pages are blank for you to do what you want.


  • Paper : Hanji 80g, 200g
  • Size : A6 // 105 x 148 mm // 4.1 x 5.8 in
  • Pages : 144 ($0.14 per page)
  • Cover : Hand screen-printed
  • Weight : 100g
  • Made in Seoul by Hanaduri.
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Tyler M.
United States United States
Like their other products, it's amazing!

I discovered CW&T a few months back, and had to wait for the Hanji book to be back in stock. After using two other products they make, and after seeing the quality of each product and seeing the amount of care they put into their products and customer relations, I knew I had to buy at least a few once they restocked. I'm only one day into using them, but I can already tell that it's the best journal / notebook I've ever had.

Valentina C.
United States United States
Best Art Sketchbook

This is the best sketchbook for mixed media. I love to doodle in watercolors and pastels and the paper works really well. I need to buy more.

Kyle C.
United States United States
I'm now addicted to this little sketchbook

Use this fantastic product for notes and ideation throughout the day. Absolutely love the quality of the Hanji paper, it's different than anything else I've used. I've bought a total of 2 so far, when I came back to reorder they've been sold out :( I have a fear I'll finish my current sketchbook and I'll be left to seek inferior alternatives. Whenever they get inventory I'll be stocking up!

William N.
United States United States
Choose The Right Writing Utensil

I've been blessed. This is a hand crafted item. Was informed by Sean Bonner to get a pad or 8 and after checking I ordered one. It's a textured paper that works best for me with Schneider's One Hybrid C 0.5 mm rolling writer. It lays flat is well constructed and so far so good just 8 pages in of this 60 sheet count A6 art book. I'm a writer and am constantly bidden to note, so I might be completely out of this unique book soon. Fortunately for me, there's a 10% discount code inside the back cover waiting for my utility.

Arnaud N.
Switzerland Switzerland
Really nice!

Pleasure to handle. Pocket sized.