Update 09/19/2022 V1.8: Crowsflight for Apple Watch! Edit and sync locations on the iPhone Crowsflight app. Swipe to select a locaction on your Apple Watch.

Crowsflight keeps you on track in the direction of your destination, but frees you to discover exciting distractions along the way. It is perfect for wandering around cities, especially without a data connection.

  • Search for a new destination by address or placename
  • List view shows your relative distance to each location, so you can see how places compare (distances are scaled logarithmically, so shorter distances show greater difference)
  • Input latitude and longitude manually (e.g. enter 40.692,-73.944 in search bar)
  • Search for what3words (e.g. chair.table.lamp)
  • Rearrange your location list by long-pressing the row
  • Share your current location via email
  • Launch Maps to get turn-by-turn directions
  • Displays the distance in metric or imperial units.
  • Drop a marker at your current position
  • Heading pointer changes width as the compass/GPS accuracy increases or decreases
  • Works offline (searching is the only function that requires an internet connection)
  • Backup your locations to your computer through iTunes file sharing
  • Map view shows and allows you to select all your saved locations. It’s another way to see what is around you.
  • Drag and drop pins in map view to pinpoint and adjust locations
  • Opens custom url schemes (e.g. crowsflight:// &ll=42.923580,-78.793953 &q=BUFFALO). You can send Crowsflight destinations to yourself and friends via email.
  • Drag this link to your bookmarks bar [Crowsflight] Click on it when you’re in google maps to email the center of the map to open in crowsflight.

By combining location data (GPS) with the compass, Crowsflight provides mapless navigation in an intuitive, glance-at-it kind of way. No instructions, maps to read or paths to follow. It’s a lot like asking for directions on the street. A friendly finger pointing in the right direction is often all the help you need.

Crowsflight uses only GPS to navigate. You can search for destinations on the fly if you have a data connection. If you don’t, load up all your destinations before you set out for the day. Once you’ve loaded all the places you want to go, you don’t need data anymore. It’s perfect for wandering around foreign cities.