A:LOG Notebook

A:LOG Notebook



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We searched and searched for the perfect notebook.  We finally found one.

A:LOG by Project A:LOG has a bunch of crucial details that make it really awesome. The paper quality is a perfect match for Pen Type A and Pen Type-B. The layflat binding keeps the notebook open to the pages you want. The cover is unadorned, so you can fully own it and do with it as you wish. (It never felt right for us to carry sketchbooks with someone else's branding on it. It's not their sketchbook. It's ours!)

Imperial or Metric Editions have a 30 page architectural guide (like a mini Architectural Graphic Standards) and dot grids at 4 different scales so you can easily sketch to scale. Combine this notebook with an Architect's Scale and you've got an ultra portable architecture studio.


The blank edition is completely blank. Perfect for purists. No dot grids, just perfectly bound blank sheets of paper between the plain gray covers.

150mm x 210mm (5.9” W  X  8.25” H)
Cover: 300 g/m2 Offset Paper in Gray
Interior: 80 lb (120 gr) White Text (FSC certified)