Our 2020 Winter Gift Guide is here! 10-20% OFF select items. Check it out!

2020 CW&T Winter Gift Guide


Because you + your loved ones deserve something really really nice.


Plus other cool stuff we like + support.

For those in need of a fresh start.

Use this single use long scale launch clock to mark the beginning of a new epoch.

Time Since Launch

by CW&T


$199.00 10% OFF


For your trusty sidekick.

Gift your most reliable, down for anything person the ultra-thin, lightweight portable Pen Type-C.

This is a CW&T favorite.

Pen Type-C

by CW&T


$50.00 20% OFF


For the friend who takes pride in what they carry in their pockets.

A low-profile utility blade with no moving parts.

A terrific way to show your lefty friend some love. Herring Blade comes in lefty and righty versions.

Herring Blade

by CW&T


$75.00 13% OFF


Perfection for your perfectionist.

Over time and use, the raw brass picks up a unique patina. Brass Pen Type-B is for your friend who keeps getting better.

For your calm + steady rock. Titanium Matte Pen Type-B is our most popular Pen Type-B.

Get fancy with some polished Titanium.

Titanium Black Cerakote Pen Type-B for that friend who only wears black

Pen Type-B

by CW&T


$160.00 13% OFF


Something soft.

The Hanaduri Hanji Book - CW&T Edition is a thoughtful gift for anyone who appreciates a super high quality paper and a classic binding technique.

Hanji book - CW&T Edition

by CW&T


$20.00 10% OFF


For that person who needs some motivation to move.

Stay strong. Get sweaty. Release that pent up energy.

Forever Jump Rope

by CW&T


$75.00 13% OFF


To reward some newly upped culinary skills.

Single-handed use stainless steel vessel for serving and pinching salt (or other small treasures).


by CW&T


$150.00 20% OFF


For your friend who still leaves their house.

Key Wrangler

by CW&T


$76.00 21% OFF


For the fastidious friend.

Pen Type-A is a classic, perfect for your friend who enjoys precision and won’t let you touch their stuff.

Pen Type-A

by CW&T


$160.00 13% OFF


For your friend who loses everything.

Orange Dot

by CW&T


$6.00 17% OFF


Enough with the screens. This is how we should be playing games.

Blinks Ultimate Collection

by Move 38


$299 33% OFF


Because you want to organize and stay organized.

Walnut Catchall

by Working Hard



Your phone will thank you.


by Studio Neat



Mark it once and forever.

Better in every way than a Sharpie.

Decocolor Paint Marker

by Uchida



For quality story-time.

A friend recommended Atinuke's books and we are hooked reading the Anna Hibiscus and No. 1 Car series with our 6 year old.

Anna Hibiscus

by Atinuke



A little something extra.

Bring some smiles into your life with a joyful something from Mokuyobi, a woman-owned rockstar company based out of LA.

We're also eyeing their new moonrise pants, but whatever you do. Make sure to grab some patches.

Mini space explorer

by Mokuyobi




Support a small group of Secwépemc land defenders. An indigenous and female led architecture project to build tiny homes to block the extension of an oil pipeline in Canada.

Learn more here + here

Our Land is Home

by Tiny House Warriors


$You choose.

Update your lexicon.

The Dictionary of Dark Matters, organized, written and assembled by the super talented, thoughtful American Artist + Zainab Aliyu (ta) and their students as part of their course Dark Matters: On Blackness, Surveillance and the Whiteness of the screen at SFPC.

The Dictionary of Dark Matters

by American Artist, Zainab Aliyu and students.



Because you're done with cooking.

This is Che-Wei's go-to second dinner. It's getting cold out, and this is some go-to comfy deliciousness that will not disappoint.

Laksa LaMian

by Prima Taste



Because it's winter and we still need to go outside sometimes.

These pants feel like you're wearing a cloud of warmth.

Light Down Pants

by Mont Bell



Upgrade your wallet.

There are hundreds of wallets out there, but this wallet is the one.

Card Wallet with Cash Pocket

by Anson Calder


$130 40% OFF


Treat yourself to some art.

Zach has been making daily sketches for almost 5 years now. It's an impressive feat in itself. You can follow his work here. Support this amazing endeavor and get a beautiful print in return.

blob circle study #2

by Zach Lieberman



$30 20% OFF


Breath better.

Since March, Che-Wei's been working with a small group of internet strangers to address the shortage of safe, effective, and resilient masks for essential workers and consumers in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

We're releasing our first production run of 1000 units. Check it out!

OSR-Model 1

by Open Standard Industries



Treat yourself to the ultimate camera bag.

(no relation to CW of CW&T) This bag is an absolute no-compromise camera bag. If anyone wants to gift one of these to us, we won't complain.


by Killspencer