Rotation Notation


Rotation Notation’s hour hand moves on a 12 hour cycle, powered by the wearer’s movement and is set by its orientation on the wrist. There is no minute or second hand. Time can be accurately read by looking closely at where the hour hand points. 60 holes around the perimeter mark 12 minute increments in a 12 hour cycle. There is no predetermined or primary orientation to the watch. 12 o’clock is wherever you want it to be. The orientation of the watch is set by you with a string looped into one of the 60 holes.

This watch is built with an automatic mechanical movement. There is no stem to set the hour hand or wind the mechanism. So if you want to change the time, remove the old string and add string in the appropriate holes to mark 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock or whatever combination you like. Over time, the accumulation of string leaves behind a history of your notations.