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This is an experimental art project. Each piece is handmade in-house. We usually do a drop every few weeks and it takes some time to.

If you order a SSW, you assume responsibility for inputting your desired UTC time and wrist size.

Please make sure you read this whole page before placing your order and are game with all the hooha. To be notified upon batch releases, scroll to the bottom to sign up for our newsletter and/or follow us on Instagram.

Solid State Watch is a Casio F-91W movement permanently cast into a transparent resin case. It's in there forever. No buttons, no functions, no light, fully waterproof and no changing that 10 year battery.

It just tells time.


This project begins as a celebration of the Casio F-91W wristwatch. Initially released and unchanged since 1989, this affordable, reliable and accurate timepiece is a beautiful feat of engineering. You seriously can't find another piece of technology that's so ubiquitous and does what it is supposed to for as long as it does without any intervention. It's amazing.


Individually cast into a transparent resin case, each Solid State Watch comes with its own unique imperfections.


Your desired time

When you place your order, input your desired time in UTC format. Once your watch is fabricated, the time cannot be adjusted. is a helpful site to figure out your time in UTC format.

No buttons

The electronics of the Solid State Watch are completely sealed, so you can't push any buttons to switch modes or adjust the time. Your watch ships set to whatever timezone you'd like. Eventually your watch will drift. Worst case scenario, it may drift up to ±1 second/day. But in practice, it will likely be far less than that. If you want to nerd out on its accuracy, check out this youtube video analyzing 100+ F-91Ws that have been running for 13 years.

No battery changes

The Casio F-91W is optimized to last on its 3V CR-2016 battery for 7 years assuming you use the light for 1 second and the 20 second alarm everyday. Since we won’t be using the alarm or light, it should last 10+ years.

No light

Yea, we'll miss that cutie LED. Since the buttons are sealed off, you won't be able to access the light. But really... you don't need it and let's save that battery power.

100% waterproof

Watches are usually rated for water pressure resistance because gaskets and other waterproofing mechanisms all eventually fail under pressure. Solid State Watch is completely solid and waterproof.

Fun bonus : The display of Solid State Watch is visible from all angles underwater. Most watches have air inside them which causes the watch crystal to act like a mirror underwater (unless your viewpoint is near perpendicular to the display).  Since there’s no air inside Solid State Watch you’ll be able to read the display from all angles underwater.

What's that orange dot?

Solid State Watch has a circular fluorescent orange dot placed over the date on the movement. The F-91W movement doesn’t account for leap years, so the date will be incorrect after a Leap Year. The fluorescent orange dot simultaneously masks and draws attention to this imperfection.

What about daylight saving time?

We’re hoping DST goes away soon. Until then, many countries still use it. Since you can’t adjust the time on a Solid State Watch, you can remember to adjust for DST in your head for part of the year or.... get 2 watches ;)

Making your Solid State Watch

We’re casting each and every Solid State Watches in our Brooklyn Studio. The process involves a series of steps, beginning with a 3D print of the main body printed on a Form 3 printer. Then we cast, heat, vacuum and UV cure a movement set to your timezone into the body. This casting process is done in multiple steps to achieve our desired finish. All of these steps are done by hand, and we embrace the slight imperfections of the process that make each watch unique.

Custom Hook Strap© Elastic Watch Band by Nick Mankey Designs

Solid State Watch ships with a Lunar Grey custom printed Hook Strap© Elastic Watch Band with brushed metal hardware, handmade in California by Nick Mankey Designs.

Known for their comfort, quality materials + hardware and ability to absorb strain on your watch’s spring bars, these bands come perfectly sized for your wrist (down to the 1/4”), and have the ability to micro-adjust to the perfect tightness. These are absolutely the most comfortable watch bands you'll ever experience.



  • Size : 32mm x 38.4mm x 10mm
  • Weight : 19g
  • Lug width : 18mm
  • Estimated battery life : 10+ years
  • Movement : Casio F-91W
  • Battery : 3V CR-2016


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Adam V.
United States United States

One for each side of daylight savings

Loved this watch enough to get two -one for standard and one for daylight time in California. Great watch for wearing to the office, and the Nick Mankey straps are super comfortable.

Jef C.
United States United States

Beautiful object and concept, one question

I love the watch and the concept so much. I love it on the wrist and in my life. I have already a scratch on the face and I haven't done anything strenuous - the face feels a little 'soft' - is that because the resin hasn't fully cured or do you have any suggestions as to better protect the face from scratching?

Carl F.
Germany Germany

Product is great - Delivery not

I’m really happy about my new STW it is even more beautiful than I expected it to be. With some little imperfections making it even more unique. However, the delivery was really annoying. It took longer than expected and because I ordered it to Berlin I had to pay additional 60€ of customs on top of the already high delivery costs of 30$. So 1/3 of the total price was wasted on that unfortunately. Nevertheless, I am glad that I did it and I’ve never received so many compliments for a watch before.

United States United States

Great product, horrible customer service

For a piece that isn’t adjustable post purchase you’d expect for there to be a bit more clarity around what exactly to order. I accidentally ordered EST instead of EDT in which I immediately reached out via email to make sure it was an error on my end and not upon production and to ask which I should have ordered instead to place a second order. It took them 21 days to reach back out to me. In between I had reached out via Instagram DM’s only to be left on “read” twice. I was really excited about this brand and company and their ideals but the lack of care and overall apathy toward the situation in their response (time and actual response) has left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I would have been happy to re-order alongside other items on their shop but after this treatment I don’t think I can recommend to anyone. Just feels like more high-snob society designers that don’t actually care for others.



Hey Daniel, Really sorry to hear this. The only note we see from you was sent on June 14th after you returned from your trip and received your SSW. It's our bad we were late replying on our end too. You ended up purchasing one for UTC-5 Fall/Winter EST instead of Spring/Summer EDT. We know DST can be confusing and sorry this happened. And it must be frustrating since this wasn't intentional. That said, we've seen worse mistakes with UTC. If you'd like to return it, we're happy to take it back for a full refund. As for emails, we usually make a priority checking emails sent to our orders@cwandt email address, because generally those are more time sensitive. We're sorry it took a few weeks to reply. Usually we aren't that bad at emails, but we were away from email for a lot of time during that period.

Timothy R.
United States United States

Super Unique!

I love it! The watch is truly a one off!