Hot Plastic Gun


Hot Plastic Gun takes plastic pellets, melts them, and extrudes them through interchangeable dies.  As the plastic exits the nozzle, it meets a powerful stream of mist that cools the plastic to harden it. This device enables hand held free form 3d drawing at the scale of the human body.

Exploded assembly showing 24 custom made parts. Machines employed: Haas VF2SS CNC Mill, Haas ST-10Y CNC Lathe, Ultimaker2, Object Connex 500, Manual Lathe, Manual Mill

First attempt at free form handheld extruding

Hot Plastic Gun on ABB at Pratt Institute School of Architecture (Photo: Grey Wartinger)

Inspirations for Hot Plastic Gun: Gaetano Pesce, Protopiper, James Shaw, Dirk Vander Koolj, MX3D, Hot Glue Guns

Check out this link to the Hot Plastic Gun Instructable on see how this beast was made.

Every bit of this project down to the crate to transport it was built in the Pier 9 Workshop during my time there as Artist in Residence from August-November 2015.  A million thank yous to all the staff at Pier 9. It’s the best place on Earth!