Time Since Launch

When John Glenn went into space and became the first American to orbit Earth, the only piece of technology he chose to wear other than the space suit itself, was a 12 hour stopwatch. While orbiting Earth, John Glenn crossed time zones every 20 minutes. Tracking stations across the globe synchronized their clocks with Glenn’s stopwatch creating a new time zone out of necessity. Set your own Mission Elapsed Time (MET) with Time Since Launch.



Here’s our first TSL launch: http://www.timesincelaunch.com/#~gvzrfvaprynhapu.pbz%20ynhapurq&~4Vq8nL3L5


Along side this webapp is an ongoing project to build a physical long scale stopwatch built to last at least 100 years. You can follow some of the progress here. http://timefromlaunch.tumblr.com/

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