Huffington Post Web Jockey


BIG LIVE is a custom web-jockey live performance javascript framework that we built for the Huffington Post Obama inauguration pre-party at the Newseum in DC.

Working with producer extra-ordinaire Keira Alexandra and David Stark, we wrote software and live web-jocked content for two oversized laptops at the party. The framework allowed on the fly broadcast control over a debauchery of interactive media content:

– live video from in party mobile phones using Kyte
twitter feeds with an Obama filter
– RSS news feeds
– in party text-messaging using textmarks
– election maps
– a cover it live blog from an in party blogging station
– election night you-tube videos
– election night flickr photos
– and more that we can’t remember right now

Huffington Post Inaugural Ball 2008 from che-wei wang on Vimeo.

nytimes press photo

it is still up, lots of links gone now…but if you want to grab source code: link

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