On January 1st 2016, I set out to create a track every day for 365 days using only an OP-1.
A casual game for testing your internal sense of time.
An iPhone app to test your internal sense of time
A single use long scale stopwatch.
Crowsflight is a GPS compass that simply points. It keeps you on track in the direction of your destination, but frees you to discover exciting distractions along the way. Perfect for wandering around cities, especially without a data connection.
A list of things we love.
Apesnake Photobooth is face and mouth detection photobooth.
24 bit RGB colour palette time corrupt reconstruction is part of a series of software pieces that model the relationship between time and computer processes.
Google Earth Clock is a digital clock assembled from views of Earth from above that resemble numbers.
Two javascript experiments modelling the relationship between timing and computers.
One Alarm is a minimal alarm clock application for iOS.
Grass is field of green lines that you can pet, coddle, pat, touch, and caress on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.
Nounnoun is a noun-noun compound noun generator for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.
Audioprom is an audio sequencer and live performance application for the iPad.
Two side by side clocks. One moves when you are still. The other is still when you are moving.
We are participating in a creative competition to get more people to ride bikes! Vote for Bike Pool as a way to encourage safety in numbers and also to meet new people!
Jack Lee is sailing 3,000 nautical miles around Great Britain and raising money for the Marine Conservation Society and the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Follow Jack's adventures and help him raise money for two extremely worth causes at!
10 Second Stopwatch Game is a test of your internal clock's timing.
Keira Alexandra once told us that her grandfather, Vladimir Ossipov kept a list of things he did for each day of the year in a book where each page was dedicated to one day. For example, on February 4th, he would weigh himself and record it on the same page year after year. We wanted to manufacture yearly rituals in a similar way. So here's onnoodles.
Some clocks are functional, some aren't not very practical. This is an ongoing series of clocks experiments.
In an empty lobby, smoke-like swirls of light creep from the edges of undulating Corian furniture. When a visitor is present, the light retracts back into the furniture, emerging again once there is stillness.
diamond_thumb website launch.
BIG LIVE is a custom web-jockey live performance javascript framework that we built for the Huffington Post Obama inauguration pre-party at the Newseum in DC.
P.Life is a large scale interactive screen designed for the IAC’s 120′ wide video wall. In the world of P.Life, Ps run across the 120' screen frantically moving material from one house to another.