A snappy keychain that keeps your keys tidy and lasts forever.
A meticulously designed poster to sharpen your internal sense of scale. Use your body to measure things!LIVE ON KICKSTARTER
A house for 2-10 people. Tokyo, Japan
A generatively design bike stem.
300x200 main
An giant circuit board inlay made out of waterjet electronic traces.
A hand held plastic extruder with a mist cooling system
A super minimal everyday pen.
Special Edition Pen Type-A
jump rope top elevation view
A simple jump rope to last many generations
Thin Shell Rotation Casting in Jamming Bladders
$490 + UP
A wheelbarrow for flat panel screens.
A table made of pipes.
Pen Type-A is a stainless steel replacement for the Hi-Tec-C's cheap plastic housing.
Thermochromic Clock is a 4-digit 7-segment timepiece.
1Bit 1Hz CPU is a diagrammatic wall sculpture of a very simple, slow computer. By flicking a regular light switch, a single bit is processed at rate of one cycle per second to turn on and off a light.
Mega Toot is an analog amplifier accessory for the 1st generation iPad.
Face Normal is a head mounted fluorescent light fixture.
Circle Hook Light is both functional design and sculpture. It is milled out of solid brass and features a custom spring loaded electrical connection. This is made for a standard FC16T9 circline fluorescent bulb.
Oblik (オブリク) is a 6 story residential, 1st floor commercial building.
$200 + UP
OBK is jewelery the Swiss Army wished they had.
Give your unused tripod a new life.
The Blockhead Stem IB is our Blockhead Stem with an integrated break lever.  The lever is tucked nicely into the stem and is just long enough for two fingers.  We designed it to be used with a front break so the cable can be cut really short and straight, eliminating friction within the brake cable.
Chocolate Timepiece was commissioned by Migration of Senses for the Chocolate & I event.
Rotation Notation's hour hand moves on a 12 hour cycle, powered by movement of the wearer and is set by its orientation on the wrist.
A light fixture for a standard F40T12 fluorescent tube light. design schematic
Blockhead Stem by cw&t
Material: 7075 Aluminum Length:40mm Clamp diameter: 26mm Rize: 0 degrees Steerer tube diameter: 1-1/8" Dimensions: 53mm x 53mm x 86.79mm Weight: 501.8 grams Includes: 6 stainless steel screws
A slow resolution display made out of standard lightbulbs and thermochromic paint.This display lives at the intersection of digital control and analog output. A matrix of lightbulbs painted with thermochromic paint allows for an image to appear and dissipate analogously to the temperature of each bulb.