About CW&T

3318138166_8c6f5f3a78_bphoto by kevin slavin in the unabomber’s cabin. Washington DC

CW&T is an art and design studio.

Our design approach is to create lasting designs while questioning conventional thinking. In our quest to fulfill our goals, we tend to favor minimal aesthetics, intuitive interfaces and over-engineered construction.

We design for one. We firmly believe the most passionate and thoughtful designs are designed for an individual. If it’s super fine tuned for one person, it’ll be unconventional, desirable and super-practical (at least for one person). But, surely there must be thousands and maybe millions of others out there that will also appreciate the weird thing that we thought was good for just this one person.

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Che-Wei Wang [pron. say-way] is an artist, designer and architect. His work involves a wide range of disciplines and skills ranging from product design, architecture and sculpture to interactive installations and mobile apps. Che-Wei is the winner of the 2003 SOM fellowship and the Young Alumni Achievement Award from Pratt Institute. He has taught courses on design, time, and creative computing, at various institutions. He is an alumnus of MIT Media Lab, ITP at NYU and Pratt Institute. cwwang.com

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Taylor Levy is an artist and designer who works with various technologies. In her work, technology is broken apart and reconstructed to expose its otherwise opaque inner workings. She holds a B.A. from Vassar College and a MPS from ITP (TISH NYU). Her thesis work from ITP is in The Leonardo Museum of Science and Technology and she was a resident at Fabrica Interactive in Treviso, Italy. Taylor has experience teaching at Pratt Institute and University of Pennsylvania. taylorlevy.com


Many projects call for unique talents, so we assemble the best from our community of close collaborators that love working together. Our team rosters consist of specialists that understand the value of collaborative environments while keeping a disciplined use of best practices. We are artists, architects, programmers, industrial designers, hackers, engineers in a small, efficient, and dedicated package.

Some of the tools we use:
Solidworks, Arduino, Processing, Openframeworks, Java, Javascript, PHP, HTML, Photoshop, Illustrator, Rhinoceros, Rhinoscript, Grasshopper, InDesign, Java, C, C++, Obj-C, OpenGL, MYSQL, Autocad, lasercutting, waterjet, wire EDM, CNC mill, CNC lathe, sewing, welding, resistors, ICs, 3D printing, pen, paper, water, light.


Email: cwandt[at]cwandt[dot]com
Address: 493 Greene Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11216 [map]
Telephone: +1 347 987 0001