24 bit RGB CPTCR

Timing is integral to communication. When a signal is transmitted between two discrete entities, whether it is between components of computer hardware or individuals talking, timing sets up a context that makes a signal relevant and possible to understand.

24 bit RGB colour palette time corrupt reconstruction is part of a series of software pieces that model the relationship between time and computer processes.

A 24 bit RGB palette colour test chart is sampled (bottom), broken apart into its 24 bit binary representation (middle), and then re-sampled to reconstruct the 24 bit RGB palette colour test chart (top).

Each discrete step in this process, including the standalone bit, is connected to a timing mechanism. This relationship is inextricable. Timing orients raw data within a context that gives it meaning.

By clicking on the tiny clocks, you can stop and start the timing mechanisms, corrupting each step in this process, corrupting the resulting reconstruction of the colour test chart.

This exploded model of a simple computer process demonstrates the inextricable relationship between time and computer architecture.


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